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Full Color Envelope Printing

We offer the option to professionally address your envelopes. Unlike mail houses and most commercial printers, our addressing is high res laser in full color, not low quality inkjet that will detract from your mail piece.

Imagine envelopes that say "open me first" just by printing in full color.  We find that open rates are substantially higher when selecting our beautiful envelope printing. 

We offer a wide selection of business and invitations and most are in stock. We can also special order any envelope you might need. 

Laser safe ink
Unlike most digital printing, you can run our envelopes back through your inkjet or laser printer without a problem. Of course, as with all envelopes, we suggest using a manual paper feed and output tray designed for heavy stocks. But, you won’t have to worry about the ink smearing from overprinting an address. 

Add variable data images and laser quality addressing and barcoding 
Our press will print photos, images, names, addresses, sort and barcode your mail for best postage rates. And, unlike most mail houses, we use the highest quality laser printing to address your mail, not low res inkjet printing. After all, the best looking mail piece can be marred by low quality address printing. 

We do windows!
We can also print #10 window envelopes in full color, and even add a variable data field or image. Order as few as one box of envelopes!

Setting up your mail list

To properly address your mail, please send us an Excel file. Ideally, each column should correspond to one line of the address.  As an example, here is a layout that is properly formatted. If you do not need one of the columns, such as "address two" you may delete it if you wish. 

Using this list, your envelopes will print like this:

Here's another example:
There are a couple of ways to enter the names of your guests. You may place the first and last name in one column as shown above, or split it into two columns as shown below.

Just as we did with the names, you may also divide the address into two columns if you prefer. The apartment or suite number may be placed in its own column or included with the street address (in which case it will print on the same line as the street name).

What not to do!
Never mix data in a column. In the example below, the information in each column is not consistent.  If you enter a suite number in Column D, it should never appear in Column C for some of the addresses.  Or, if the city is always listed in Column E, it should never appear in Column F.  

In other words, if a column is used for the address on one line, it must be used for the address on all subsequent lines. No mixing data!

Helpful hints

  • There may be no more than two columns that contain your address information (we called them Address 1 and Address 2 in the sample). Address two is typically used for suites and apartments or building names. 
  • There is a limit of 5 lines for any printed address. That doesn’t mean that you are limited to five columns of data, just that they will end up printing on no more than five lines on your mail piece.

If you are in doubt, please feel free to email a list to us to review prior to submitting your order.

Request a template for setting up your addresses

We offer an Excel template that you can use if you would prefer not to set one up yourself. It can also be opened by Google Docs if you do not have Excel. Please request one from your account manager.

Envelope sizes

Here is a handy chart of popular envelope sizes.