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Setting Up Your Mailing List

To properly address your mail, please send us an Excel file. Ideally, each column should correspond to one line of the address.  As an example, here is a layout that is properly formatted. If you do not need one of the columns, such as "address two" you may delete it if you wish. 

Using this list, your envelopes will print like this:

Here's another example:
There are a couple of ways to enter the names of your guests. You may place the first and last name in one column as shown above, or split it into two columns as shown below.

Just as we did with the names, you may also divide the address into two columns if you prefer. The apartment or suite number may be placed in its own column or included with the street address (in which case it will print on the same line as the street name).

What not to do!
Never mix data in a column. In the example below, the information in each column is not consistent.  If you enter a suite number in Column D, it should never appear in Column C for some of the addresses.  Or, if the city is always listed in Column E, it should never appear in Column F.  

In other words, if a column is used for the address on one line, it must be used for the address on all subsequent lines. No mixing data!

Helpful hints

  • There may be no more than two columns that contain your address information (we called them Address 1 and Address 2 in the sample). Address two is typically used for suites and apartments or building names. 
  • There is a limit of 5 lines for any printed address. That doesn’t mean that you are limited to five columns of data, just that they will end up printing on no more than five lines on your mail piece.

If you are in doubt, please feel free to email a list to us to review prior to submitting your order.

Request a template for setting up your addresses

We offer an Excel template that you can use if you would prefer not to set one up yourself. It can also be opened by Google Docs if you do not have Excel. Please request one from your account manager.

Paying for your postage

There are a number of options for paying for postage: check, e-check or credit card 

If we are stamping your mail, you may buy the stamps and send them to us (rolls only, please.) If we are mailing using stamps we purchase for you, or with an indicia permit, postage is due prior to mailing.  Depending on how you pay for your postage you should pay for postage in advance of mailing.

Payment by cash: Complete your payment at least one day prior to mailing
Payment by check: Complete your payment at least two days prior to mailing
Payment by echeck or credit card: Complete your payment at least four days prior to mailing

Payment by check or ACH is preferred and welcome without a payment surcharge.  Depending on the class you mail, up to a 4% convenience fee may be assessed for postage payment by credit card.

Sorting, NCOA and CASS address correction

When sending mail using a presorted, standard or non profit rate, the post office requires that we pre-sort the mail and place it in trays according to the delivery area and mail route.  By doing this, we complete some of the work that would otherwise be done by the post office and they in turn pass on lower postage rate.

The first step is known as CASS, which stands for Coding Accuracy Support System.  Cass improves delivery of your mail piece and maximizes postage savings by adding Zip+4 codes to your mailing list where possible. The CASS Certification process also helps determine certain address problems and standardizes addresses to Postal Service formatting. The correct Zip+4 allows us to apply postal barcodes to your mail pieces, qualifying your mail for Mail Class discounts.

We then process your address list through the NCOA, or National Change of Address list.  This database includes recent address changes so your mail does not need to be forwarded to a newer address. 

If your list contains addresses which the NCOA database has flagged as undeliverable, we can either delete the address or mail regardless. It's not always the case that addresses considered "undeliverable" in the USPS database won't reach their destination. Some of the addresses deemed questionable might be delivered successfully. However, most often, addresses which do not clear the sort will likely be undeliverable.  Mail which has failed a sort must mail at the full first class rate.

Using your indicia and funded account or mailing with a non profit rate
We are only able to mail from our registered Business Mail Entry Unit when using our mail permit as mailing permits are tied to a specific USPS office.  In some instances, we can use your permit and funded account if you also use the same Business Mail Entry Unit as we do.

If your non profit permit is registered to a post office other than the main Atlanta post office located in Hapeville, GA, we are able to mail on your behalf using our own non profit permit which you fund. Or, we can use our permit at your non profit rate and invoice you for the postage. 

Choose the best mail class for your needs

When you choose first class mail, whether sorted, unsorted or stamped, any undelivered mail is returned to you. This mail be helpful if you would like to update your data list from the returned mail pieces.

First class unsorted mail, including stamped or permit/indicia
Mail is priced at the current full first class rate. Delivery time ranges from 1-5 days depending on the delivery point.  Undelivered mail is returned to you. This rate also provides the greatest flexibility in layout since you do not need to design your mail according to mail sort requirements.  Any international mail must be sent with a first class postage stamp.

First class sorted mail
Mail is priced approximately 6¢ less than the full first class rate. Delivery time ranges from 1-5 days depending on the delivery point. Undelivered mail is returned to you.  Mailing with a sort rate requires that your address area conforms to specific layout guidelines so it can process through Merlin, the USPS mail processing system.

Standard Class
Mail is priced approximately 15¢ less than the full first class rate. Delivery time ranges from  2-9 days depending on the delivery point. Undelivered mail is not returned to you. Mailing with standard rate requires that your address area conforms to specific layout guidelines so it can process through Merlin, the USPS mail processing system.

Non Profit Class
Mail is priced approximately 21¢ less than the full first class rate. Delivery time ranges from  2-9 days depending on the delivery point. Undelivered mail is not returned to you.  Mailing with the standard rate requires that your address area conforms to specific layout guidelines so it can process through Merlin, the USPS mail processing system.  Your return address must exactly match the name and address listed on your non profit permit.

Fulfillment & Inserting

Presentech offers collation, inserting and envelope sealing of your mail. We can print, fold and insert several mail pieces, even if they are different sizes. 

When you require personalized reply forms matching the name to letter and the envelope or matching personalized letter name to carrier envelope name, rely on our experience in the direct marketing industry. 

Our direct mail and ?inserting services include:

      Folding & cutting
      Fulfillment and assembly
      Glue dots and wafer seals
      Hand applied postage

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I design my mailing piece to ensure that it qualifies for the service class I need?
First class mail is the least restrictive and offers the greatest latitude is designing your piece. Presorted first class and standard mail require very specific design guidelines to qualify for a discounted rate. We are happy to review these guidelines with you prior to starting your design process.

Can you insert additional pieces into my envelope?
Yes we offer fulfillment and inserting. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and to get a price quote.

Do you offer wafer seals or glue dots?
Yes, we offer both options. Any mailing piece that requires sealing must be tabbed according to postal regulations. You will generally save money by designing your piece with the opening at the top of the page, rather than at the bottom as fewer closures are required.

Should I add UV coating to my postcard order? Will it interfere with addressing and mailing?
You can add UV coating without affecting your mailing and postage costs. In fact, adding UV coating is a great way to avoid the scuffing which can occur during the sorting and delivering of your pieces in the mailing process. If you plan to have us print your products but have someone else address and mail them, please check to make sure the aqueous coating won't interfere with their process. Some bulk mailing services have problems working with aqueous coating.

Can I have you mail some of my order and ship the rest?
Absolutely. Please give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.

How long will it take to get my piece into the mail?
Most orders are printed and mailed in four days. This may change due to work in house or the size of your order. We are happy to quote your order based on your specifics.

Do you offering mailing services for items not printed with you?
We only offer mailing services for items we print.

Can you mail to Canada or other non-U.S. addresses?
When mailing to international locations, we will manually apply international postage stamps to your mail. A nominal charge applies for this service