Banner Stand Decision

Let us help you select the perfect banner stand

Choosing the best banner stand is no easy task.  If you've looked around, it seems that every stand seems to be the "perfect choice." We're here to help you sort through the look-alike descriptions and confusing terminology and choose a banner stand that fits your intended use and budget. 

First, let's start by looking at how you plan to use your banner stand.  

Light use

If you plan to use your stand only once or twice a year, or if you plan to put it up and rarely move it, then a value priced stand might be a good choice. 

Our suggestions:

Good: Mojito banner stand or Smart banner stand

The Glade is the value leader among our premier stands that features a wide, weighted base for stability and high quality internal construction. It is available in 5 different widths. 

The Mojito Stand is our best value priced banner stand, but unlike most stands in this price point, is built for best in class durability. 

Regular use

A regular use banner stand is one that you intend to use often, or even several times a year.  This stand is also a good option for light use, but when you are concerned that it may be handled a bit rougher than normal. 

Our suggestions:

Our Marlin is the stand you've been waiting for.  Refillable with a simple cassette that slides in and out of the base in seconds (thereby avoiding the need to return the stand to us). The marlin is 33.5" wide and height adjustable from 62" to 88" tall. All at an amazing price with low cost refills.

Special use

We offer a few unique banner stands that are perfect for your special applications.

Outdoor use
A standard banner stand is not designed for outdoor use. They are lightweight and may take off in flight in windy conditions. Instead, we offer banner stands designed for use outside. 

This banner stand features a weighted base and longer support feet to keep your stand stable in light winds. Always discontinue use in heavy winds. 

Illuminated stand
We offer a unique stand that offers the ease of a retractable but lights up for a noticeable glow. 

A one or two sided graphic with an LED light positioned in the middle of the base for bottom up illumination.

Still need some help making a decision?  Email us at [email protected] or give us a call and we'll help you sort through the choices.