Marlin Refillable Banner Stand

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Our Marlin banner stand can be refilled with a new graphic in seconds. Order one stand and multiple graphics!

Marlin is the refillable stand you've been waiting for. Simple cassette system pops out of the base and can changed in seconds. No tools, no complicated instructions. Plus a height adjustable pole and premium construction make this stand a winner!

What makes this stand different? 

The graphic is contained in a sealed cassette that simply pops out of the base. You can create a library of graphics to use for different occasions. 

- Premium quality construction
- Flat base keeps graphic straighter

- Adjustable pole
- Ultra smooth winding mechanism

Here's what you'll receive:

- Retractable banner stand unit 
- Full color photo quality graphic on premium curl-free media  
- Padded bag or optional hard case for $285

More about this stand:

Banner width: 33.25"
Banner height is adjustable between 62" to 84" tall
Shipping weight, stand only: 10 lbs 
Shipping weight, with banner: 13 lbs 

Also available: LED light ki

Designing your file

Templates are pdf format. We suggest opening this template in Adobe Illustrator and designing in a layer called "Design."  Crop marks and additional bleed are NOT necessary.  Simply design to the edge of the template.  All images should be CMYK, no RGB images please.  For best quality, use vector graphics only. Raster images should be 125 dpi at the full size. IMPORTANT! All fonts should be converted to outlines and graphics embedded before saving a copy to end to us.

In a nutshell: Your document size should be 33.5" x 90.5". This allows for 33.25" wide plus an extra 1/8" on each side for bleed and 90.5" tall (viewable height is 84"). We will trim off 1/8" on the left and right sides. The top 1/2" and the bottom 6" will be obscured, but extend your background into this area, but don't place important text and graphics here. 

Send us your file

After placing your order, you're ready to upload your files. Simply go to our FILE UPLOAD site to send up to 15 files with 2 GB in total. it's really easy and you can just drop your files onto the web page to attach! 

Simply enter your email address, and in the messages area, type in your order number that starts with 3D. If you have lots of files, we suggest zipping them into one compressed file before uploading.

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