About Us

When you have a project that seems impossible. 
When you don't know who can help you with a request that landed on your desk. 

We're here to help.

For over three decades, Presentech has been about making your day easier with print solutions that are just what you're looking for. We're the original digital printing company back when others didn't even know what that meant. We are home to the most advanced imaging equipment available, and are constantly delighting our clients with options they never knew existed.  All with a level of caring, professional service others can't match. We invite you to discover the Presentech difference. No matter what you need, Presentech makes it possible. 

We have everything you need

Small print or large, we have you covered.  Turn to us for brochures and booklets, postcards and presentation folders.  Ready to go large?  We're the place for direct to board latex ink posters and banners. Plus, premier quality conference and meeting displays. But this is where it gets interesting. We take care of the hard stuff, too, like fulfillment and kitting. And finding solutions for your special projects that no one else seems to handle. It's all about making your day easier.  

It starts with our people.

Let’s face it - if the person working on your files doesn’t know what they’re doing, the best equipment won’t make a bit of difference. If you’re used to going to the local all-night copy shop or neighborhood offset printer, ask yourself if the pre-press staff really seems to know how to prep your digital files print without a hitch. Do they know how to fix the “unfixable error?” Or know how to avoid an unexpected imaging defect?

Our prepress professionals average more than 20 years of experience. There’s no on the job training that can lead to disaster. What does all this mean for you? Orders ready when you expect them without a last minute delay. Potential errors fixed without your even knowing they were there in the first place. And a confidence that you can get on with other matters without worrying about the status of your order. After all, the last thing you want is to find that the order you thought was ready to pick up wasn’t even printed due to unexpected file problems.

Order with confidence from an established business

We've been around since 1990 so you may order with confidence. We work with both the largest corporations and smaller businesses. When you order from us, there is a real brick and mortar business that stands behind your purchase. 


Here's how to reach us:

For purchase questions, item availability or sales assistance: 
[email protected] 

For questions related to setting up your print file:  

For billing or payment questions:  

We are open Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm, 8am - 5pm on Fridays
Phone us at 404-745-9595 
Email us at [email protected]

Our address:

We're located inside the Perimeter at Spaghetti Junction (I-85 and I-285).
3131 Presidential Drive
Atlanta, GA 30340