Vinyl Banners

Presentech offers banners in durable vinyl up to 98" wide.  And, since our vinyl banners feature outdoor durable ink, you can use your full color banners inside or out…rain or shine! 

What makes our vinyl banners unique?
Just because you’re printing on vinyl doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality.  Our vinyl banners are among the highest quality you’ll find with photo realistic print quality. Plus we print at larger sizes that most sign shops can't.

Here is some more info on our vinyl banner printing:

Do I have to order a banner to certain sizes? Do I need a template? 
Not at all.  We can print any size banner and you do not need to follow a template. Simple add crop marks to your file. If your image bleeds (the color extends to the edge of one or more sides) please extend the background 1/8" (0.125") past the crop marks. 

If my banner is being used outside do I need to order wind slits? 
Wind slits are crescent-shaped cuts placed on vinyl banners to allow wind to pass through. These are used to reduce the wind load on the banner, especially in against strong wind gusts. Our experience is that wind slits do not have a significant impact on the durability of your banner outside. 

Are your vinyl banners waterproof?
Yes, they are. All of our inks are fade and water resistant. While you may see some fading over time, especially for banners being displayed in direct sun, our inks offer the strongest UV protection available. 

Can I print on both sides of the vinyl banner?

Yes. We offer both one and two sided printing. For very large banners, we may sew two banners together instead of printing two sided.

What are your prices for banners? 
We offer some of the lowest prices for high quality banner printing. Please click the request a quote button below for a custom quote.

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